Zoe Rigby Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Family Health Registered Nutritionist & Craniosacral Therapist RNTP RCST mBANT CNHC
Zoe Rigby Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Family Health Registered Nutritionist& Craniosacral Therapist RNTP RCST mBANT CNHC     


Zoe Rigby is a passionate Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Craniosacral Therapist.


"I love my job!"


  Zoe began her journey in holistic health 14 years ago driven by the desire for greater purpose following her role as a director in the hospitality sector along with a career in the arts.  She assisted, then co-managed a busy CST drop in clinic for 10 years where she worked along side of a renowned family therapist also offering CPD for therapists and assisting on educational workshops on babies and birth trauma.

   Having battled a number of health issues from stress, severe digestive complaints to multiple autoimmune disorders, Zoe was driven to gain further knowledge and therapeutic tools to empower herself and others, which led her to a 4 year journey in Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine.   


  Based in North London, Zoe works in person and online to create individually tailored health programs to suit each clients needs.  Experienced in working with moms, babies, families, busy career folk and adults coming into health challenges later in life, Zoe has worked with clients with a multitude of different health concerns.


   "If you have health worries that you find hard to speak openly about I invite you to take a leap of faith.  I offer a safely held space where we can work together on your health goals."


  Zoe is motivated in addressing: 

  • Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety
  • Digestive health (Gas, Bloating, IBS, reflux, UC, Dysbiosis, SIBO, Parasites, Unexplained issues, intolerances)
  • Autoimmune conditions (having battled with several herself)
  • Obesity
  • Nutrition for Children (gut complaints, obesity and neurodiversity)
  • Pelvic Health
  • Healthy Aging

  As a functional medicine practitioner with the help of evidencial research and functional medicine tools and testing Zoe aims to get to the heart of your health concerns,  working alongside of you to bring back more joy that comes from living in optimal health. With a motivating coaching style, a gentle listening and collaborative approach Zoe addresses each person as an individual with a whole body and mind perspective. 


  "Life is full of joy which we can access through a healthy mind and body.  If a poor physical or mental state is preventing that then we need to support our body back to equilibrium.  Nourishing ourselves with food, movement and stress relieving practices are the simplest most powerful changes we can make to begin embracing our life to it's fullest potential."

  Zoe Rigby is a registered Nutritional Therapist and a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, having studied at The College of Craniosacral Therapy and The Inistiute of Optimum Nutrition( accredited by Plymouth University).

Other Developmental practices have included:   NT DipION (Institute of Optimum Nutrition, CST Diploma (College of Cranial Sacral Therapy, London), A, P and P C &G, Distinction (Morley College, Waterloo), Hugh Milne, Working with Stillness..Amanda Biggs, Feet as an Intuitive Gateway to healing Part 1(Monica Anthony), Feet as an Intuitive Gateway to Healing Part 2(Monica Anthony), Chakras and .. (Monica Anthony), Working with Insecurity (Mike Boxall),Vi Passana, BABY and TODDLER workshops for practitioners as a teaching assistant, HEALING TRAUMATIC STRESS - Bessel Van de Kolk, CPD management group for CSTA, Peer Shadowing tuition for peers in supporting confidence in work with mothers and babies, BREASTFEEDING PEER SUPPORT work BFN, KG Hypnobirthing, article writing for the Fulcrum magazine, THE MISERABLE BABY- London School of Osteopathy.




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